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Congratulations to the Houston EWGA Scramble Team for winning 2nd place and to Kim Wright for winning 1st Place in Low Net,Second Flight at the National Championship Finals on October 10th - 11th in Nashville, Tennessee! 


Congratulations to the following EWGA Houston Members for representing us at The National Championship Finals:

 Robin Famiglietti, Eva Jansson, Susan Thorne, Becky Romero ,Raylene Teel, Elizabeth Hardy, Kim Wright, and  Shon Bower, 


Congratulations to the Houston EWGA Lone Star Cup Team for their win at the Lone Star Cup Championship on Aug. 22-23rd in Austin, Tx!

2014 Lone Star Cup Team Captain: Susan Thorne Co-Captain - Chris Clifton,  Shon Bower,  StephanieFlower,  April Hix,  Katherine Kuo,  Sharon Leonard, Tracy Moy, Karen Myrow, Pat Neal, Diana Quintana, Susan Thorne, Vicky Tickell, and Zona Trahan


2013-2014 Board of Directors

President: Shon Bower
Communications Director: Vanessa Rios
Member Recruitment Director: Terri Knight
Events and Activities Director: Pat Neal
Marketing Director: Carol Ann FaKouri
Program Services Director: Marie Leckrone
Member Services Director: Becky Romero
Finance & Records Director: Susan Thorne

New EWGA Houston Members

Welcome to all our New Members and those who have rejoined us, we are very glad you are back :-)
Elizabeth Macedo
      Carolyn Jones      
      Meridith Bowman
      Danielle Surresso     
      Lindsey Redmond
      Pam Sterling

      Chris Jones
Amanda Clare
      Michelle Barry (rejoin)      
      Jodi Tyra
      Ariel Carson
      Lisa Cantu
      Elaine Koons
      Cherie Landry (rejoin)


      Marianne Lines
      Lauren Leveton
      Lori English  
      Debbie McGuire (rejoin)
      Cheryl McGee
      Susana O'Docharty (rejoin)
      Kim Eskew
      Paweena Bennett
      Jaime Mai
      Juliet Hubbell
      Sharon Hendrickdon
      Debbie Foster (rejoin)
      Sally Andrews (rejoin)
      Mary Kamp (rejoin)

Kristina Somerville
      Kathrine Morgan
      Geraldine Gray
      Dora McMillan
      Cathy LeMaire
      Mia Sclafani
     Gloria Harden (rejoin)
     Gail Neely (rejoin)
     Janeen Judah (rejoin)
     Jennie Basile (rejoin)

Deborah Yahner (rejoin)
Leah Petkas
      Lisa Lane

      Yolanda Robinson
      Carolyn Plato
      Jillian Nimblett
      Sharon DePierri (rejoin)
      Chantel Bailey (rejoin)
       Kathy Kuo (rejoin)

Joan Sheehan (rejoin)
Marie Leckrone (rejoin)
      Judith Cushman-DuBose
      Darcee Grice
      Elayne Duncan 
      Kim Chan  
     Barbara DeWitt

Join us in the fun! Click here for the EWGA Membership application.

Are you missing from my list?
Please let me know :-) 

Vanessa Rios
Director of Communications

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HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - October 2014

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  • WEEK 4

    QUESTION 1:  A complimentary membership
    comes with each EWGA Golf Course Network.
    Name a Golf Course Network near you, and
    their EWGA discount.

     2: When is the 2014 EWGA
    Member Meeting?

    Stumped? If you need a lifeline (you get 2 for the month)

  • WEEK 4

    QUEST 3:   Did you know that every year, EWGA
    offers a new member shirt? What sizes does it
    come in and what colors are available?

    QUEST 4: On the Member Clubhouse, there is a
    tab for Handicap. Give one of the reasons listed
    why you need a handicap.

    : Did you activate your free
    Regus Preferred Businessworld
    (hint: golf and business travel)

    Submit your answers here

    Stumped? If you need a lifeline (you get 2 for the month)

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