Lone Star Cup

Pat Neal is the  2018 Houston Lone Star Cup (LSC) Captain

Pat is going to make an outstanding LSC Captain. Pat has competed in many LSC events as well as having been a winning captain and is very excited to be the new captain!
Pat's experience as a former captain will provide the foundation to being a great leader and motivator and is looking forward to putting a team together that will take back the Cup from San Antonio in 2018!!
In the days to come, Pat will assemble assistant captains and announce them.
Early planning is just beginning and more information will become available as soon as the new LSC committee meets in November.  You'll be hearing from Pat very soon regarding registering for the qualifying process.
Be on the lookout over the next couple of months for more details on date and location for the 2018 Lone Star Cup.


Roles and Responsibilities for Houston Lone Star Cup (LSC) Captain

  • Communication with The Board of Directors 
    • The Board will finalize a budget for Houston LSC after the Kickoff event has been completed
    • The budget will consist of:  Event Registration; door prizes for LSC event; money to be spent on the team at the captain's discretion
    • The captain will communicate with the Events Director on the process that will be used during the qualifying process
    • The captain will communicate with the Events Director on the members of the team and how they were selected prior to accounting the team to the members
    Pre-Planning Phase 
    • Attend Lone Star Cup conference calls (usually once a month until close to the event)
    • Typically conference calls begin 6-8 months prior to event
    • Due to the amount of activity late in the year by Nationals, it has been agreed upon that the LSC will be played during the spring between April & May
  • Try-out Phase
    • Determine if:
      • You will be a playing captain (automatic team member)
      • You will participate in qualifying process to be on the team
      • You will be a non playing captain
      • This must be done prior to the qualifying process and communicated to the Events Director
    • Define timeline for registration for Try Out process
    • Define and communicate Try Out process
    • Define when, where, how Try Out matches will be played
    • Support scheduling Try Out  matches by
      • Possibly working with Winter League 
    • Select team and alternates based on results of qualification process
      • Team should be chosen no later than 6 weeks from event
  • Team Phase 
    • Announce selection of Team & Alternates
    • Host “get together” for team members to meet each other
      • Good opportunity to discuss format, uniforms, team day pairings, etc.
      • Obtain shirt sizes as soon as possible
    • Identify co-captains (if any)
      • Could be players that didn’t qualify for the team
    • Select uniforms and try to locate sponsors
      • Suggest engaging team members on color, style, etc.
      • Can utilize other resources/possible sponsors for uniforms
      • Uniforms should be ordered no later than 4 weeks from event
    • Setup team practice rounds before LSC Tournament
      • This helps to determine who will play with whom on team day
    • Manage Registration needs
      • Let Treasurer know deadline or team registration ($120)
      • Gather registration forms & payment from team members
      • Provide payments to Treasurer
      • Provide roster to LSC Committee
    • Promote Fun Play and Guest participation
      • Gather registration forms and payments
      • Provide payment to Treasurer
  • Competition Phase
    • Setup practice round for day before Tournament
      • 3 tee times for team
      • Additional tee times for alternates, fun play, and guest participants (2-3)
    • Organize team dinner for Friday during tournament
      • Venue with private room is preferred
    • Be point of contact for LSC decisions during tournament
  • LSC Committee
    • The LSC committee consists of at least 2 members from each chapter (board member and captain):
      • Austin
      • Central Arkansas
      • Baton Rouge
      • Dallas
      • Fort Worth
      • Houston
      • Oklahoma City
      • San Antonio
    • Not all chapters send a team to compete each year but typically participate in the planning process
    • Each chapter is responsible for "one" specific task for the event
      • Hospitality suite (typically managed by host chapter)
      • Goodie bags
      • Event check in and name tags
      • Pairings
      • MC Thursday Welcome Dinner
      • MC Banquet (Saturday lunch or dinner depending on schedule of event)
      • Printed pairings and agendas
      • Player gift
      • Winning team prizes (12-15)
  • LSC Committee Duties
    • Participate in monthly LSC conference call planning meetings
    • Communicate to Board what tasks the Chapter will be responsible for at the event
    • Communicate to Board what value the door prizes should be and how many Chapter is responsible to provide
    • Communicate with the Golf Events Director on progress of duties and event 

What is the Lone Star Cup?

The Lone Star Cup (LSC) provides EWGA Members the opportunity to compete in a team competition using the Match Play Format or have two days of fun play at a premier golf resort in Texas. The LSC was created to provide members the opportunity to develop friendships outside their own chapters and play a competitive match for those who wish to do so. The event has been held annually since 2002. Houston won the cup in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014. The only LSC was not completed due to increment weather was 2012.